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Nature, Science and World

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The great shift from ancient to modern science is the shift from observation to experiment.  Aristotle, in the 4th Century BC, was an amazingly insightful observer of the natural world, and his work is exemplary of the science that cultivates a knowledge of the forms in which the world naturally presents itself.  The great scientists […]

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Story and Song Returns: The Quest for the Grail!

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The days of King Arthur, Parsifal, the Crusades: all these and more will be woven together as Story and Song Night returns.  On Tuesday May 8th, at 8:30 pm, John Russon will tell the story of the Quest for the Holy Grail.  This inauguration of the new season of stories and songs will also feature […]

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Generosity and Critique

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In North America, we commonly buy gifts for our close friends and associates at Christmas and on birthdays, and anticipate in return that a similar group will send gifts our way at the appropriate times.  We can feel it, probably as a slight, when we do not receive a gift from a close friend, and […]

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A Sensitive Matter

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Hurting another person is a very easy thing to do. We often think of “hurt” in terms of the pain induced by bodily injury.  This obviously is an important kind of hurt, but we should be careful to construe it rightly.  The harm is done to the body, but the hurt is a matter of […]

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“Joint Attention” CD Release–Rex Hotel, Wednesday April 4, 9:30 pm

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This Wednesday, April 4, the John Russon Quintet will be releasing our new CD! The CD is called “Joint Attention,” and it features 9 original tunes that the band has been performing for the past few years.  The band is Tom Richards: trombone Chris Gale: saxophone John Russon: guitar Mike Milligan: bass Nick Fraser: drums […]

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On Negation

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There is something to be learned by reflecting on the simple expression “not here.” Notice how the words in “not here” function.  The first word, “not,” needs the second word in order to be meaningful.  The second word did not have to be “here,” but it had to be something, because the “not” is always […]

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An Appropriate Corrective

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The issue of “getting it right” is an important one in human life.  This notion of “right” however, can be interpreted in a number of different ways, and it makes a great deal of difference how we understand this notion.  It makes all the difference whether we “get it right” about “getting it right.” If […]

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John Russon Quintet at Holy Oak March 20

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We’ll be playing all original tunes at Holy Oak next Tuesday, March 20, from 9:30 ’til about 12:30.  The band will be Tom Richards on trombone Chris Gale on saxophone John Russon on guitar Mike Milligan on bass and Fabio Ragnelli on drums. This is a Pay-What-You-Can event: all donations are welcome and helpful. Our […]

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The Annunciation

By JohnR |

You can’t tell, when you look at me looking at something, what it is that I am noticing.  Even if you could list all the material features of my sensory field, you wouldn’t know whether I’m noticing the cup, or the room, or the fact that I’m in a city, or the unpleasant manner of […]

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Quartet at Emmet Ray, March 5

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We’ll be playing at the Emmet Ray, on College just east of Dovercourt, at 9 on Monday March 5.  The band will be: Chris Gale–saxophone John Russon–guitar Mike Milligan–bass Ethan Ardelli–drums We’ll play original tunes form our soon-to-be-released CD “Joint Attention,” we play some standards, we’ll do some free improvising. Please join us!

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